Day 149

Thinking about how every society where they debased the shit out of money has resulted in catastrophe. The difference is people never had Bitcoin in the past. Part of me is scared about what this means, but I’m also excited because I can help spread the good word of Bitcoin. This magic orange coin can literally stop debasement. I’m so hopeful it will go down as the most powerful invention/discovery whatever you want to call it.

God bless Satoshi. My mans literally saved me from despair and gave me the hope to have a family. Grabbed drinks with my co-workers today after work which was nice. I do appreciate the bond you build with coworkers over time. It is hard to not be like screw this work crap at times, but then other times I’m like this is awesome. I know I have it so easy compared to people of the past. Getting told to piss off over the phone is nothing. Anyways, I do want to provide value, I do want to make a positive difference, and I do want to do work that is meaningful. I’ll get there. Got to keep my head down, keep grinding, and when I see the opportunity I’m looking for leap out it.

Anyways, short post today. Happy to be alive. Excited to pick up my girlfreind from the airport tonight and give her some flowers. I have a special life and I know good will win out in the end. Don’t care how many times I write that on this medium: it’s the truth. Sometimes the truth just needs to be typed out repeatedly :D.


Conor Jay Chepenik



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Big fan of tech that advances the human race and increases individual sovereignty. Not financial advice: always D.Y.O.R. I enjoy memes & writing about Bitcoin.